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Hi, if you have questions or at any point you are confused or too annoyed to dig through this page to find the answer you are looking for, just call or email us at We want to help you and answer all your questions.

Here are most frequently asked questions:

Is it organic?

The idea of cre came from the love and understanding that nature provides and has an outstanding track record of delivering every single requirement, at the right time, to suit the exact plants needs.
We would be doing a disservice to you and our product if we didn’t keep to this foundational idea.
As with any product development there are many choices to make, cre wanted to simplify the potting mix market, with only two highly effective potting types, all mix and light mix.
By doing so, allows anyone to use our product and achieve high yielding excellent results without any experience.
To solve this chemistry-based problem we had to use a mineral fertilizer to instantly deliver an available source of NPK while an organic counterpart provides slow release nutrition by feeding the micro herd. The mineral fertilizer is the only element presently that does not have a 100% organic certified source and for that reason our product isn’t currently fully organic.
But not to rest on our laurels we went back to the lab and have brought to market a 100% fully organic mineral rich fertilizer brand which will be incorporated into our potting mix and soon be available to buy online.

Does superior bio-stimulants boost yield and quality of my plants?

Gardeners and growers are always looking for ways to boost yields or raise plants of exceptional quality, and since healthy plant growth begins with the soil, our products ensures your plants are growing in the caviar of growing mediums.

Cré Light Mix or Cré All-Mix target soil nutrition, giving amenity growers and hobby gardeners a proven, enhanced formula in growing excellence. Both potting mixes contain over fifty-eight trace elements vital to the healthy growth of plants and grasses.

The base extract is mixed with additional NPK and complex minerals producing a prescriptive solution to specific needs throughout the year. By complexing essential minerals, it helps ensure they work longer, as the process acts as a slow releasing agent giving extended performance to the minerals.


· Applications increases resistance to disease and environmental stress

· Kelp stimulates beneficial soil bacteria to convert organic material into nutrients, encourages microbial action in the root zone and converting locked nitrogen into nitrates and releasing phosphates for easy absorption

· Boosts photosynthesis

· Alginates in Kelp improve the structure of compacted, heavy soils

· Kelp has vital cytokinins and auxins that stimulate cell division and assist the transport of nutrients through plants

· Use of our quality substrates promotes improved fruit and flower production


If you’re growing without the benefits of kelp, you’re at a serious disadvantage. So, let’s remind ourselves of its benefits and why you should seriously consider our specialised bio-stimulants and why they deliver such impressive results.


The carbohydrates found in kelp are plants’ building blocks; you can expect robust root growth and vigorous leafy growth.


Kelp increases the number of chloroplasts in plants, so they have more chlorophyll available for their engines of growth. The result? Vibrant, bushy, healthy foliage and increased crop production.


Why give plants a NPK formula when your plants can access over 58 proven growth hormones, enzymes, minerals and trace elements? Kelp maximises the uptake of nutrients from the soil to plants, so you enjoy stronger crops and larger harvests.


Plants have reduced risk from pests, disease and environmental stress factors, such as fungal disease, frost and transplantation.


Healthy roots are the basic foundation of your plants. Kelp encourages rapid root development, increased root mass and improves the hardiness of your crops.


Kelp helps trap moisture in the soil, and contributes to an aerated, improved soil structure.


Our products give your crops and plants the best start in life and are ideal for seed sowing, seedlings, cuttings, potting on and transplanting, with boosted fruit and flower production.

What is kelp?

Kelps are brown seaweeds found in seas and oceans with a vigorous growth rate that means they can be abundantly harvested without damaging the marine environment.

Why kelp?

Simply put, kelp has a reputation for being the most impressive natural growth stimulator and soil conditioner on the planet. It is packed with over 58 growth hormones, enzymes, minerals and trace elements, many of which can only be sourced in the sea.

How does it work?

Our products are carefully blended with the added efficacy of North Atlantic kelp, (Ascophyllum nodosum), which acts as a natural growth stimulant, a superb soil conditioner and provides increased resistance to climatic stress, pests, disease, boosts fruit and flowering, creating a robust growing environment

But aren’t all fertilisers the same?

Not necessarily. You want to give your crops the best nourishment available and many people rely on the essentials: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK). However, adding vital micronutrients to enrich the soil, gives your plants the very best start in life.

Is kelp a fertiliser?

Kelp is a natural fertiliser, contains no harmful chemicals and is planet-friendly. It’s a growth enhancer with an unrivalled range of benefits and a key player in successful integrated plant and land management.

Kelp and soil health

Using kelp not only brings impressive growing results, it also creates a turbo-charged growing medium.


Kelp contains starches known as alginates that react with minerals in the soil, forming long cross polymers that actively lock moisture in the soil. In turn, the soil is better aerated, the structure of the soil is improved and microorganisms in the soil thrive and multiply at the root zone, ensuring all the crucial nutrients are available to your plants. Roots love it.

What makes your products so effective?

We only use high-quality ingredients, blended with brown seaweed, (kelp) which is universally acknowledged as being the one of the most effective growth accelerators available.

But aren’t all fertilisers the same?

Not necessarily. You want to give your crops the best nourishment available and many people rely on the essentials: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK). However, adding vital micronutrients to enrich the soil, gives your plants the very best start in life.