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Light Mix

Cré Light Mix is a carefully blended lightly fertilised potting mix supplemented with Perlite and hand-harvested North Atlantic kelp offering growers a superior base for fast growing, robust, healthy plants and grasses. Ideal for use at any stage of growth, including seed sowing to flowering.

Improved fruit and flowering. Hand –harvested kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) offers over 58 essential plant nutrients, encouraging essential nutrient uptake. Release nitrates and phosphates trapped in the soil making them readily available to plants. Added Perlite creates an open airy structure establishing vigorous root growth. Proven stimulation of diverse microbial action at the root zone.


Organic Hand Harvested North Alantic Kelp

A high performance potting mix, fortified with hand-harvested kelp, supporting your plants through all stages of growth. Our products are low maintenance, stress-free and with over 58 essential marine trace elements, feeding your plants has never been so easy. Time-saving and easy to use, Cre elevates your plants from the ordinary to the sublime.

From seed to flower, we've got you covered

Product of Ireland

Cre All Mix
All Mix

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Each pallet = 60 bags